Branding & marketing for your cannabis business

retail stores and dispensaries • growers and wholesalers • testing labs • edibles, supplements and other health-related products • storage, lighting, climate control, and other grow-op products • marijuana, cannabis, THC 


Start your cannabis business with a strong brand 

You need: a logo/visual identity/brand that resonates with your customers and clients (whether you are in the B2C or B2B space) and a marketing guide and training to help you grow

We will: learn who you are and what you stand for, ensure your branding connects you with your customers (while following all applicable government packaging and signage regulations), and teach you how to successfully (and economically) market your business

TIMELINE: 2-6 week turnaround depending on scope

Optional: we provide Squarespace website design, custom website design/development, and marketing execution as well


Branding for consumer cannabis products in Canada

The rule: “only limited branding will be permitted on plain packaging that prioritizes health warnings and product information.”

This means you need a flexible visual identity. Packaging requirements will be prescribed by the federal government. We will design an identity system with a logo version for packaging that meets federal regulations, while still maintaining the integrity of your overall brand. 

Just because there are rules in place for the packaging of consumer cannabis products, doesn't mean your brand has to be boring or limited! We will help you will get the look and feel you want for your brand and follow the Canadian government's packaging standards.


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